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Dan Palmer and family

Our Story

In 2005, my wife Pamela contracted the adult form of Chicken Pox known as Shingles. Hesitant to take a prescription drug, we researched natural and traditional methods to stop the virus. During the research process, we came across Ayurveda and consulted a practitioner who recommended an herbal composition for Pamela. In two short months, Pamela’s shingles went dormant.

Two years later, my wife and I decided to have children. After months of trying, it was apparent that we had fertility issues. During an appointment with our internist, it was determined that my hair-growth medication was damaging the process. We consulted an Ayurvedic practitioner who created a formula for hair growth, consisting of grown-in-the- wild fruits and herbs. Stopping the prescription drug and taking a specially formulated Ayurvedic supplement led to pregnancy and healthier hair in less than four months.

Unbelievable! Ayurveda was two for two! This inspired a life style change for both of us and we began to dedicate time and research Ayurveda. Analysis of the data indicated that an Ayurvedic lifestyle offers hundreds of solutions for everyday health & beauty needs. Enthusiastic about Ayurveda; we started ELANVEDA to share this knowledge and provide access to organic, natural and health-conscious formulas for everyone.

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Dan Palmer, CEO

Dan Palmer

ELANVEDA, Inc. an Ayurveda-influenced product manufacturer, created in response to personal medical challenges faced by founder Dan Palmer, and his family. His exploration of alternative medical treatment and a healthy lifestyle laid the foundation of the company and its successful launch in late 2008.

ELANVEDA provides best-of-breed alternative medicine for everyday ailments; formulated using organic wild-crafted and all-natural herbs and essential oils. Products are formulated in response to specific requests from customers. The company uses the finest materials available and manufactures exclusively within the United States.

ELANVEDA is a trusted brand for health and wellness needs and is committed to bringing high quality products to market, assuring that the best formulas are offered.

Headquartered in Calabasas, California, ELANVEDA continues to create and sell a unique product mix while supporting education within the Ayurvedic community, and industry at large. The company welcomes innovative and collaborative partnerships, joint ventures, and active participation in socially responsible initiatives.

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