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★★★★★ One of the best hair loss products out there. I was experiencing tons of hair loss after a surgery. I mean handfuls, so much that I would get anxiety to get in the shower to wash my hair. After not even two weeks of taking this, my hair loss completely stopped. My hair is so much healthier and has grown in my thicker and longer. Thank you ElanVeda!*

— Overwatch37 (Amazon Review)

★★★★★ I’ve only use this product for a bit less than a month, but decided to write a review because it’s been the first day in a very long time that copious amounts of hair didn’t come out on my comb in the shower. Leading up this phenomenon. I definitely noticed my hair becoming shinier and more manageable. I am back to order another bottle, and am excited to see what the next month brings if this stuff worked so well in just the first few weeks. Highly recommend.*

— Amazon Customer

★★★★★ After months of using it, I definitely can tell a difference in the thickness and amount of growth in my hair. I can run my hands through my hair, at the roots and it feels much thicker than it was before. I also notice less hair breakage. Great Product!*

— Amazon Verified Purchase, June 14, 2016

★★★★★ My hair is growing and has thickened over the past six months that I’ve been using this product.*

— Laurelee, April 20, 2015

★★★★★ I have super thin hair, it’s growing faster, I see less hair in my brush. This is a great product!*

— Amazon Customer on March 31, 2016