A Relaxing & Cleansing Facial Exercise

It might sound crazy to slather your face with oil, but it is very beneficial to your skin! A simple mix of oils with just a drop of essential oil will work wonders to cleanse and moisturize your skin.

You’d be amazed at how easily and quickly your face can look brand new by just doing this exercise a few times a week – that’s all you really need! The difference is super noticeable.

  • For normal skin, mix 50% Castor Oil with 50% of Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
    Sunflower Seed Oil or Grapeseed Oil.
  • For oily skin, 75% Castor Oil with 25% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • For dry skin, 25% Castor Oil with 75% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
    Add 2 drops of Lavender to help you relax.

Pour a small amount of the mixture in your hand and massage it into your face. Take care around any problem areas and keep it out of your eyes.

Once the oil is absorbed, use a warm compress to steam your face and wipe away all excess oil. The oil breaks up dirt on your skin and cleanses your pores, leaving your skin smooth, soft and glowing.

That’s it! It’s so easy to reduce stress and give yourself a relaxing facial all at once.

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