Elanveda Brings Ayurveda to the West

We are living in the twenty first century of our existence, our lives resonating with the freedom given to us by the modernization that we have made our identity. Yet it’s a life that is based on fragmented values, a misguided and disconnected life, a life that is frequently preyed upon by diseases and the pain, sorrow and unhappiness that comes with ailing health. At this point we need a science that can help us reconnect  with our own being, help us to live a life where our mind, body and spirit are in perfect harmony  and give us that much needed boost to reach the zenith of our health. That science is Ayurveda which means the ‘science of life’. Ayurveda originated in the mystic lands of India thousands of years ago and has unparalleled wealth of rich philosophy about life and health and numerous time-tested therapies accommodating needs of every individual. To ensure that the most authentic knowledge and purest of therapies of Ayurveda were brought to the people of America a unique company called Elanveda was founded.

The founders of Elanveda had personally experienced the bliss of miraculous therapies of Ayurveda, and they created Elanveda to ensure that every person in our society could benefit from this science.  The current scenario of declining health and wellbeing of people of our society has indeed compelled each one of us to re-consider our approach to healthcare. This is why a paradigm shift from conventional medicine to more holistic therapies like Ayurveda has materialized in the west, especially in the U.S. To help the people to have an easy and reliable access to the holistic healing therapies of Ayurveda, Elanveda shouldered the responsibility to create the most authentic portal which will put Ayurveda within the reach of every person.

Protecting health is the first priority of Ayurvedic healing.  The basic philosophy of Ayurveda is that diseases are due to internal imbalance between the body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda aims to restore health and our internal balance rather than just relieving the signs of diseases. Ayurveda also believes that our body and mind is made up of the same basic building blocks that make up the environment and the universe around us.  So whenever we lose our internal balance, we can regain it by using the natural sources from our very environment. Ayurveda has mentioned thousands of herbs which help us to heal in the most gentle, complete and holistic manner. Unlike chemical and synthetic medicines which are alien to our body, Ayurvedic herbs are naturally designed to meet every requirement of our body, mind and spirit.  Elanveda makes the most sincere efforts to bring both the philosophy and the wealth of Ayurveda therapies to the people of U.S.

With rising pollution in every quantum of earth, there are concerns about the purity of herbs that we use to enhance our health. ElanVeda has acknowledged these concerns and has made great efforts to provide the purest herbs, grown organically and collected from habitats and pockets of the wilderness that are still untouched by the pollutants.

Elanveda has taken up the mission to educate those unfamiliar with Ayurveda about its rich heritage, which would empower each individual to be their own health care expert. The team at Elanveda believes that healthcare is not just about alleviating diseases and suppressing the symptoms; it is to preclude and resist the causes that create an illness in the first place and to remove a disease from its roots. Elanveda is doing the best on its part to re-establish ‘health’ as the first and the foremost priority in life.

With the time-tested herbs of Ayurveda and aromatherapy oils which have been used for thousands of years, Elanveda brings proprietary formulas to common health problems faced by people in western society. Their unique Ayurvedic formulations are aimed at gentle internal healing, detoxification of body and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda proprietary products at Elanveda are meticulously prepared by following the most authentic processes mentioned in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda. These products will help in having healthy and radiant skin, luxuriant hair, disease free sinuses and lungs, and muscles and joints devoid of aches and pains.

Elanveda has also introduced products to ensure healthy digestion, which is the foundation of our entire health. Herbal solutions for pesky and chronic health issues like nasal allergies and headaches are also available exclusively at Elanveda. Experiencing the goodness of these holistic products assures each and every one a life changing experience.

When it comes to achieving a better health for each individual of our society, every effort counts and Elanveda is doing its best to contribute towards achieving this goal. Standing tall, bearing the torch of Ayurveda and armed with authentic natural herbal formulas and essential oils, Elanveda is illuminating the west in its light and redefining the meaning of healthcare, here in the west! All products are available on the Elanveda website at http://elanveda.com.

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