Get your Vata on!

Asanas* or poses that are relaxing and grounding are suited for individuals who have a Vata body type often troubled by the inconveniences that come with a Vata constitution. Vata normally resides in the pelvic, lower abdomen and large intestines areas, hence, Asanas that compress these regions will help to balance any abnormalities related to Vata dosha. Tree pose (Vrkshasana), Standing forward bend (Uttanasana), Sitting forward bend ( Paschimottanasana), Child pose (Balasana), Reclining hero pose (Supta Veerasana) and Bow pose (Dhanurasana) are best for compressing Vata regions in the body. These help in relieving Vata conditions like constipation, abdominal bloating, lower back pain and joint pains. Meditative Asanas like the Hero pose (Veerasana), Easy pose (Siddhasana), Lotus pose (Padmasana), Diamond pose (Vajrasana) and Corpse pose (Shavasana) are some grounding Asanas that are beneficial for calming down the nervousness, anxiety and fear that are commonly associated with Vata dosha. Although, the practice of asanas or vinyasa* that include exaggerated movements like repetitive rapid Sun salutations (Surya Namaskara), Plough pose (Halasana), Shoulder stand (Sarvangasana) should be avoided as they may aggravate Vata.

Prolonged practice of Ujjayi pranayama (Ocean sounding breath) and Anulom-Vilom pranayama (Alternate nostril breathing) are great for streamlined and balanced movement of Vata in the body.

* Practicing asanas in a continued sequence with smooth transitions from one pose to other along with synchronized breathing.

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