Managing Diabetes with Ayurveda

Stop Diabetes

Stop Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the body is unable to properly manage blood sugar levels. There are two types. Type one is insulin dependent. This means that patients with this condition need to take insulin in order to allow the blood sugar to enter into the cells of the body where it can be used for energy. Type two is non-insulin dependent. This means that the body does not need insulin. The body is making plenty of insulin but the insulin is unable to do its job of opening the gate to the cell. Sugar can’t get in.  This is the most common form of Diabetes Mellitus and often occurs in those who are overweight.  With both types of diabetes, the amount of sugar in the blood rises because it cannot enter the cell. Eventually, the sugar spills over into the urine and the urine becomes both excessive and sweet. This is the tell-tale sign of diabetes mellitus. In addition, patient s typically also experience excessive hunger and thirst.

Type one, insulin-dependent diabetes is incurable through both Western and Ayurvedic medicine though both can help with management. Once the cells that produce insulin are destroyed, there is no known way to bring them back. Thus, it is necessary to take insulin into the body via injections.

Eat Right for a Healthy Lifestyle

Avoid Diabetes – Eat Right and try an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Type two, non-insulin dependent diabetes is curable by Ayurvedic methods.  This is a disease of kapha dosha. The excess dosha blocks the gates of the cells preventing sugar from entering.  The signs of excess kapha include being overweight, excessive urination, increased phlegm and fluid. The joints may be puffy, especially at the ankles and a person may be prone to a mucous cough or simply short of breath.  The cure of kapha type diabetes comes by changing one’s diet and lifestyle. Specifically, the diet should be dry and light. Thus, food such as corn and quinoa are very good whereas wheat and rice are not. Vegetables that grow above the ground are generally pretty good but root vegetables should be avoided.

Fruits, while having so many health benefits should be avoided by those with diabetes as they increase fluidity and have a high sugar content.  Patients should use less oil in general but light oils like safflower are better than heavy oils like sesame and olive. Of course, simple sugars as found in sugary snacks should be completely avoided.  It is also important to reduce salt while increasing the hot, spiciness of food. This diet not only balances kapha dosha but it will help a person who is heavy to lose weight. In addition to following a proper diet, exercise is important. Not only does it help a person lose weight, exercise actually opens up the gateway into the cells allowing sugar to enter. It does this all by itself without the help of insulin. While diet and exercise are important, herbs can be used as well to lower blood sugar levels. Bitter herbs in general are beneficial but the most famous sugar lowering herbs are gurmar (Gymnea sylvestre) , Shallajit (Asphaltum) and Saptaranga (Pteracarpus marsupium ) are all renowned for this purpose.

If you suffer from Diabetes Mellitus, consider an ayurvedic program. It might just change your life!

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