The Art of Taking Ayurvedic Supplements

Ayurveda has a fathomless treasure of herbs and classical blends which have provided solutions to the health issues of people since the beginning of time and will continue to do so till eternity. Much is said and written about the health benefits of Ayurvedic supplements. However, when it comes to a successful Ayurvedic therapy there are few core principles that are seldom discussed.

The secret to a successful Ayurvedic therapy lies in a simple principle – ‘It’s not WHICH herb(s) you take but HOW you take them that matters!’

The great seers of Ayurveda have meticulously described specific dosage times of taking Ayurvedic supplements for achieving optimum health benefits. Their description of dosage times is explicit to the extent that same supplement taken at different times can show significant effects in entirely different areas of your health. Meaning; a supplement like Triphala can be rejuvenating, or relieving constipation or enhancing eye sight or balancing your cholesterol depending on which time of the day or night you chose to take it. Amazing as it sounds, the science of dosage times is the key to success of any Ayurvedic therapy.

Elanveda is committed to offering the best Ayurvedic healthcare to the society offering premium Ayurvedic supplements. Here are some tips on the dosage timings for optimum efficacy.

For Rejuvenation...

Triphala should be taken early morning on empty stomach with warm water or warm water mixed with a teaspoon of organic honey and about a tablespoon of freshly expressed lemon juice.

For enhancing digestion...

Triphala should be taken along with the first morsel of lunch or dinner with warm water.

For improving blood and lymph circulation...

 Triphala should be taken between lunch and dinner time with warm water.

For balancing blood cholesterol and controlling weight...

Triphala should be taken two to three times a day before food (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with warm water.

For relieving constipation and enhancing toxin elimination from the body...

Triphala should be taken before lunch and especially before dinner with plenty of warm water.

For enhancing vision and improving eye health...

Triphala should be taken at bedtime with warm water

Healthy Hair
For improving the health of your hair by reducing hair loss and graying Healthy Hair should be taken at bedtime along with plenty of warm water.

All Cough and Breathing Ease (note these products are discontinued 2017)

ELANVEDA’s All Cough or Breathing Ease should be taken two to three times depending on the status of your respiratory health in between two morsels of food during breakfast, lunch and or dinner. Meaning, after you have eaten a few morsels of food, you should take a brief pause to take these supplements with warm water and then take the remaining food.

When taken according to these dosage times, your body will easily allow these supplements to reach and work on their target areas. As a result you will experience their wonderful healing effects in the most wholesome manner. These specific times help the supplements to work in sync with the natural rhythms of our doshas and body tissues. Hence, it is easier for the supplements to promote and establish internal balance in our body. Haphazard time schedules of taking Ayurvedic supplements can markedly reduce their efficacy.

Please note – All Ayurvedic supplements should be started only after consulting certified Ayurveda practitioner and your family physician.

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