The Psychology Behind Ayurvedic Healing

by Rebecca Barnes


Ayurveda is a healing system that originated in India. Ayurveda focuses on restoring the balance in the body, based on the belief that overall good health depends on a balanced mind, body, and spirit. Ayurvedic healing experts believe the balance can be restored through massages, specialized diets, herbs, aromatherapy, and regular exercise. Yoga, meditation, mindful eating, and breathing exercises are also common practices in Ayurvedic healing. This has a positive psychological effect as people can heal without the need for pharmaceutical drugs. 

The science behind Ayurvedic healing

According to numerous studies, its benefits include promoting a healthy heart, reducing inflammation, and promoting weight loss. Because it mainly focuses on holistic health, it can improve many aspects of a person, from self-confidence to sleeping habits.

Integrative medicine physician Doctor Taz Bhatia shares that Ayurvedic medicine has three main “doshas,” or health types: “vata,” “pitta,” and “kapha.” Doctor Bhatia explains that the doshas "are used in Ayurvedic medicine to specify how certain people should eat, sleep, exercise and what their emotional strengths and weaknesses may be” based on body make-up and defining characteristics.

Ayurvedic healing to fight anxiety and stress

Touching on the timely and important issue of mental health, we discussed the top choices for relevant essential oils in our blog post ‘The Best Essential Oils for Stress & Anxiety According to Science.’ First on the list is lavender, which begins to relieve stress in as little as five minutes of rubbing the oil on the skin. Frankincense is next on the list with its ability to boost one’s mood and reduce inflammation in the body. And lastly, bergamot has been found to effectively calm the mind and soothe intense feelings of tension.

Apart from essential oils, incorporating regular exercise and mind-body practices like meditation and yoga for a few minutes a day have been proven effective. Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program director, Doctor Brent Bauer, said moving meditation is a great option, particularly for people on the go. He explains, “If you do mind-body practices, when you feel a new anxiety-provoking challenge arise in your life, you will have taught your system to respond in a calmer manner.”

The increasing popularity of Ayurvedic healing demonstrates how more modern experts in the fields of medicine and psychology are recognizing natural remedies. In Maryville University’s long-form post on psychology, they detail how experts are constantly broadening their horizons in the field. This includes “abnormal psychology, multicultural psychology, social psychology, [and] biological psychology.” With Ayurvedic healing increasingly being used to help improve mental wellbeing, more specialists in medicine and psychology deem it a valid treatment for stress and anxiety. 

Ayurvedic healing for a healthier diet

Combining ginger, garlic, and lemon tea is the Ayurvedic drink to help lose belly fat in a week, as purported by Times Now News. It doesn’t only do wonders for weight loss; it’s also effective for treating colds and flu, and even fatty liver and high cholesterol. Teas and elixirs are a great way to kick start your journey to a healthier diet as they’re easy to make, affordable, and accessible. Once you get used to enjoying healthy drinks, it will be easier for you to follow a stricter, greener diet. You’ll start noticing a big difference with your eating and sleeping habits after a few weeks of Ayurvedic healing, especially when you combine it with proper and frequent exercise. It is these healing benefits that can be easily incorporated into a person’s daily routine which make Ayurvedic healing so appealing to an increasing number of people worldwide.



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