Wellness gifts for everyone on your list

Stumped trying to think of a gift for everyone this year? What better to give than the gift of wellness? Here are some of our home-grown favorites and plus other suggestions for even your most difficult loved ones...



Oils have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years as consumers become more educated on the power of natural extracts and clean beauty products. Oils are not just for dry skin -- and even naturally oily skin requires hydrating!

For your favorite skincare lover, try Elanveda Regale face oil. It's a luxurious natural blend of oils including borage, marula, jojoba, rose, and acai for anti-aging and beautifully smooth, hydrated skin. It comes in a beautiful package for that discerning, elegant, and ingredient-conscious pal of yours.

Elanveda best wellness holiday gifts skincare Regale face oil



A beautiful, high-quality healthy cookbook (we love the Sqirl cookbook) or a matcha tea set are lovely gifts for the food lover in your life. 

 elanveda best wellness gifts matcha tea set 



How often do you get a new yoga or exercise mat? A fresh new, luxury mat is a treat for the yogi or fitness fiend on your list. We love the nontoxic Jade yoga mat made from 100% natural rubber. 

For a perfect pairing, include a bottle of Elanveda Re-Flex muscle relaxation oil. It comes in a beautiful package and is the perfect natural remedy for relieving soreness after a hard workout or even minor strain and injury.

workout yoga mat gift recommendation



We all have that one friend or family member who never leaves the desk. A roll-on stress-relieving essential oil blend may be all they need to maximize that five-second "break" on the go. Try Elanveda De-Strain head strain and tension relief oil for a beautiful gift -- and just a little nudge to chill out.

workaholic working at desk - holiday gifts



This may be the hardest person of all. They have all the latest wellness gadgets, all the adaptogen supplements, and enough herbal tea to open a store. How about something seasonal, like Elanveda's Reopen easy breathing oil, a roll-on travel-friendly blend of immunity-strengthening oils that ease congestion and promote relaxation. Pair it with a gift card to a local natural spa. One can never have too many visits to the spa...

Elanveda essential oils reopen re-flex de-strain massage spa best wellness holiday gifts


Have another gift idea to share? Let us know in the comments!


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