Whole body wellness inspired by Ayurveda. Pure essential oil blends and supplements made in California with the finest natural and organic ingredients from around the world.

Elanveda De-Strain essential oil blend for head strain, tension, anxiety.

DE-STRAIN botanical oil for tension relief

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Elanveda Reopen essential oil blend for easy breathing and congestion relief

REOPEN botanical oil for easy breathing

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Elanveda Re-Flex essential oil massage blend for sore muscles and joints.

RE-FLEX botanical oil for muscle relief

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Elanveda Regale anti-aging face oil made with all natural ingredients: organic essential oils featuring potent antioxidants and natural peptides for a youthful glow

REGALE botanical anti-aging face oil

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Elanveda Triphala Cleanse herbal supplement for digestive health and weight control - based on Ayurvedic formulas


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